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AN - Aeronutronics Corp. B - Buick Motor Div. BL - Bridgeport-Lycoming Div. C - Chevrolet Div. D - Chrysler Corp.

Scarlatti, Domenico

E - Aircooled Motors, Inc. F - Ford Motor Co. FF - Frederic Flader, Inc. G - Warner Aircraft Corp. G - Garrett Corp. J - Jacobs Aircraft Engine Co. Kellogg, Inc. MA - Marquardt Aircraft Co. MN - Menasco Manufacturing Co. NH - Northrop Aircraft, Inc. RM - Reaction Motors, Inc.

RP - Radioplane Div. S - Solar Aircraft Co. ST - Studebaker Corp. T - Continental Motors Corp.

WE - Westinghouse Electric Corp. WS - West Engineering Co. The same code letters were used in serial numbers for all types of engines, including pistonand rocket engines. This explains why code letters were also assigned to companies which never developed ormanufactured jet or turbine engines. The number 4 designates a specific model of the engine. The Army and Air Force use oddnumbers from 1 up, while the Navy uses even numbers from 2 up.

The letter W is reserved for engines with water injection, whilethe combination 'WA' is used for engines with water-alcohol injection.

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I don't know for sure, whether the LJ95 really fits into the J-sequence, butconsidering the high number making a separate LJ-series unlikely and the fact, that J95 would be missing otherwise, Irisk a guess. It seems, that only the basic PT6 engine is designated as T Many aircraft use the PT6A version, which isalways exception: T for C, see below listed as such in officialmilitary documents and data sheets.

The system the familiar 'LR' designations has gone through all this essentially unchanged and is discussed insection 5. The only difference in the original system was, that odd model numbers were reserved for theAir Force and Army, while the Navy used only even model numbers. This is similar to early jet engine designations,except that for liquid rockets, the sequence started at 1 instead of This designation system was abandoned in the 's.

The two-letter code 2 indicates the type of propellant. Note: There are no dashes and blanks between the three elements of the designation. This standard combined several equipment designation systems,which shared common definitions and procedures, into a single document. Included were the type designation systems forall aerospace engines. The change from 'Standard' to 'Handbook'means, that the use of the designation systems is no longer mandatory. This finally 'legalizes' the long standingpractice of using manufacturers' designations for commercial equipment procured 'off the shelf'.

The engine type designators and model numbering methods were just revised a little bit. Piston engines, however, are no longer supposed to use the displacement-based designations, but this seems to be a purelytheoretical change, becauseno new piston engines are developed specifically for the military market and new commercial piston engines are operated withtheir manufacturers' designations.

The latter is probably done, because the major American manufacturers of modern pistonengines give their engines designations closely following the original 'arrangement-displacement' system. The Air Force uses model numbers to , the Navy uses to and the Army uses to The numbers are assigned in numerical sequence separately by each service.

The T designation for the engine of the Army's RAH Comanche is therefore not strictly conforming to the system,because the Army apparently started a new sequence at Instead, it should have been designated T or whatever the next available number was. But - as I said in the initial paragraph of this chapter -such deviations are actually allowed nowadays. A few three-letter codes are assigned to non-US manufacturersor joint-venture companies. The following is a list of all assigned code letters the same letters are used for rocket engine designations : AB - Allegany Ballistics Lab.

AD - Allison Div. AJ - Aerojet General Corp. AR - Atlantic Research Corp.

2016 Heber Valley Piano Festival:

AS - Astrosystems, Inc. BA - Bell Aerosystems Co. Goodrich Co. CW - Curtiss-Wright Corp. GA - AiResearch Div. Garrett Corp.

Yevgeny Sudbin – Scarlatti: 18 Keyboard Sonatas (2016) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz

GE - General Electric Co. HT - Hughes Tool Co. MA - Marquardt Corp. RR - Rolls Royce Ltd. WV - United Aircraft of West Virginia ZZ - any contractor not listed also used, if contractor is not yet determined Of course, new letters may be assigned, when companies change names, merge or found special joint-venture companies.

Sonata K. 99 Longo.317 Sol menor, Scarlatti.

The same method for assignment as for the basic modelnumbers applies: The Air Force uses numbers to , the Navy uses to and the Army uses to It is possible, that an Air Force engine, when used by the Navy, gets a Navy model number, e. If a new model of an engine designated within the 'old' numerical sequence is procured, model suffixes fromthe 'new' system may be assigned.

This results in designations like TGEA. For the first such assigment,usually the next available number in the 'old' model series is taken and added to the 'base block number' of therelevant service, e. TL was followed by TL Each rocket type uses a separate numerical sequence, starting from 1. The original method to assign odd numbersto Air Force engines and even numbers to Navy engines has been discarded.

The listing ofcurrently defined manufacturer codes can be found in the section about air-breathing engines. Numbers are assigned in numerical sequence, starting from 1. Therefore, I have omitted the usual ' No information ' entries for the gaps inthe latter, and have listed only designations known to me. Because very few manned aircraft used rocket propulsion, I have ommitted the 'Missiles:' designation system prefix forall missiles listed in the 'Aircraft' column. Naval Institute, , , [2] James C. Andrade: 'U.

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