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How about reading some of the Bible's best-loved and best-known stories.
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The words "good" and "Samaritan" created a contradiction in terms for most first century Jews. Samaritans, a neighboring ethnic group occupying the region of Samaria, were long-hated by Jews mostly because of their mixed race and flawed form of worship. When Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan , he was teaching a crucial lesson that went far beyond loving your neighbor and helping those in need. He was zeroing in on our tendency toward prejudice.

The story of the Good Samaritan introduces us to one of the most soul-challenging assignments of true kingdom seekers. Some of us tend to be like Mary in our Christian walk and others more like Martha.

4 Basic Reading Practices for Those Baffling Stories in Scripture

It's likely we have qualities of both within us. We may be inclined at times to let our busy lives of service distract us from spending time with Jesus and listening to his word. While serving the Lord is a good thing, sitting at Jesus' feet is best. We must remember what is most important.

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Learn a lesson about priorities through this story of Martha and Mary. You might even identify yourself in this Bible story when you consider the closing question, "Are you a prodigal, a pharisee or a servant? The parable of the Lost Sheep is a favorite of both children and adults. Probably inspired by Ezekiel , Jesus told the story to a group of sinners to demonstrate God's passionate love for lost souls. Learn why Jesus Christ truly is the Good Shepherd.

Learn a lesson about persevering through trials in this Bible story summary. Many times we feel like God waits too long to answer our prayers and deliver us from a terrible situation. But our problem couldn't be any worse than Lazarus ' — he had been dead for four days before Jesus showed up! The Transfiguration was a supernatural event, in which Jesus Christ temporarily broke through the veil of human flesh to reveal his true identity as the Son of God to Peter, James, and John. Learn how the Transfiguration proved that Jesus was the fulfillment of the law and the prophets and promised Savior of the world.

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This account of Jesus blessing the children illustrates the childlike quality of faith that unlocks the door to heaven. So, if your relationship with God has grown too scholarly or complicated, take a cue from the story of Jesus and the little children. Many of us feel pressured to impress others. Explore the poignant sacrifice that made this woman famous for all eternity. The Palm Sunday story, Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem before his death, fulfilled ancient prophecies about the Messiah, the promised Savior.

But the crowds misinterpreted who Jesus really was and what he came to do. In this summary of the Palm Sunday story, discover why Jesus' triumphal entry was not what it appeared, but was more earth-shaking than anyone could have imagined. As the Passover Feast neared, money changers were turning the Jerusalem Temple into a scene of greed and sinfulness. Seeing the desecration of the holy place , Jesus Christ drove these men from the court of Gentiles, along with sellers of cattle and pigeons.

Learn why the expulsion of the money changers triggered a chain of events leading to Christ's death. A little while later, Jesus predicted Peter 's three-fold denial. Are there times in our walk of faith when we should stop and question, "How true is my commitment to the Lord? Although Peter denied knowing Jesus, his failure resulted in a beautiful act of restoration.

This Bible story underlines Christ's loving eagerness to forgive us and restore our relationship with him despite our many human weaknesses. Consider how Peter's poignant experience applies to you today. Jesus Christ in all four gospels. Crucifixion was not only one of the most painful and disgraceful forms of death, it was one of the most dreaded methods of execution in the ancient world. When the religious leaders came to the decision to put Jesus to death, they wouldn't even consider that he might be telling the truth. Have you, too, refused to believe that what Jesus said about himself was true?

There are at least 12 different appearances of Christ in the resurrection accounts , beginning with Mary and ending with Paul. They were physical, tangible experiences with Christ eating, speaking and allowing himself to be touched. However, in many of these appearances, Jesus is not recognized at first. If Jesus visited you today, would you recognize him?

The ascension of Jesus brought the earthly ministry of Christ to a close. As a result, two outcomes paramount to our faith occurred. First, our Savior returned to heaven and was exalted to the right hand of God the Father , where he now intercedes on our behalf. Equally important, the ascension made it possible for the promised gift of the Holy Spirit to come to earth on the Day of Pentecost and be poured out on every believer in Christ. The Day of Pentecost marked a turning point for the early Christian church.

Jesus Christ had promised his followers that he would send the Holy Spirit to guide and empower them. Today, 2, years later, believers in Jesus are still being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

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We cannot live the Christian life without his help. The sudden deaths of Ananias and Sapphira form a spine-chilling Bible lesson and terrifying reminder that God will not be mocked. Understand why God would not let the early church be poisoned with hypocrisy. The death of Stephen in Acts 7 distinguished him as the first Christian martyr.

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At the time many disciples were forced to flee Jerusalem because of persecution , thus causing the spread of the gospel. See why the death of Stephen triggered events that would lead to explosive growth of the early church. After the rain stopped Noah sent out birds to help him know when it was safe to leave the ark and begin living on land again. God gave Noah and his family the same command He gave Adam and Eve several generations previously: be fruitful and multiply. God commanded them to repopulate the earth. The story of the life of Joseph is a very long one in the Bible.

He had two wives, Leah and Rachel. Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah even though he loved Rachel more. Joseph and his older brothers did not get along very well. Part of the problem was that Joseph had a dream in which he was the hero. His dream said that one day his brothers would bow before him. It was bad enough that he had that dream one time, but then he had it again.

It was a little different each time, but the lesson was the same: Joseph would become the leader of his whole family. One day Jacob gave a beautiful multicolored coat to Joseph. His brothers were jealous. Jacob was telling all of them that Joseph was his favorite.

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  7. When the brothers were away from the house one day they devised a plan to kill Joseph. However, instead of killing him they sold him into slavery. They took the beautiful coat, tore it up, and dipped it in blood. They told Jacob that a wild animal had eaten his favorite son. Even though he became a slave and his life was not easy, Joseph did indeed become the leader of his family and his brothers bowed before him like his dreams said they would. Moses was one of the boys that the ruler of Egypt called Pharaoh tried to kill as a baby.

    bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/speed-dating-opiniones-los-santos-de-la-humosa.php But he was not killed and ended up growing up in the family of Pharaoh. His people were the Israelites. Though they were slaves to the Egyptians, Moses preferred to be identified with them. Moses was sent away from Egypt. While Moses was away from his people and the Egyptians, God appeared to him in the form of a burning bush. God told Moses to return to Pharaoh and lead the people of God away to the promised land. Though he was scared, Moses obeyed God. Through negotiations the Israelites were finally able to leave Egypt after years of slavery.

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    5. God brought 10 plagues on the people of Egypt. This caused the people to release the children of Israel to go their way. But Pharaoh had trouble letting all the slaves go free. He chased them with his army to the Red Sea. Moses and the people of God walked on dry ground after God split the waters open for them. When the Egyptians tried to cross, God closed up the waters and the Egyptian army was drowned. The children of Israel were ready to possess the land that God had promised them.

      They were done wandering in the wilderness, which they had done for 40 years. But their first obstacle was the great walled city of Jericho. Joshua, the leader of Israel, sent spies into Jericho to find out as much as they could about the city.